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Born and raised in Queens, New York but now residing in sunny South Florida, you can hear the distinguishing hybrid sound of Big Body Mayo a.k.a BBM instantly. He is a cross breed of Hip-Hop and rap. BBM has been recording since the age of 16 and seems to amaze listeners constantly with their first question being “Where is this kid from?”. His older brother, best known as his sound engineer as well and label partner have been working diligently to master Big Body’s craft sonically. 

Independently pushing his own label, Lets Get Money Group (LGMG), BBM prides himself on making timeless music for an array of moods. Primarily a Hip-Hop artist, though his versatility allows him to excel across multiple genres such as R&B, afro beats, and many more. His older brother Dizzle, best known as his sound engineer and label executive have been working diligently to master Big Body’s craft sonically. They have done an amazing job. With the kickoff of 2022, BBM has managed to drop three singles. This is all leading up to his debut album, “Worth The Weight”.

BBM sat down with Industry Rules to discuss his career and highly anticipation of his debut album.

AF: How have you been under the world’s COVID-19 pandemic?

BBM: The pandemic was a very interesting time in my life, and it came with ups and downs. I went from doing shows monthly to a lockdown with nothing open. It was time to switch it up and use every resource I had in my back pocket. “Dizzle, pull up to the garage come see this” I told my brother/label mate. He walks into a studio setup with the only thing left to do was plug up the computer. Right out the house, it was wrap. Eight tracks were made in the first two days and we let them fly! Using social media to our advantage, we gained lots of steam; showing the people that the lockdown couldn’t stop the movement. We haven’t looked back since. 

AF: You are originally from Queens, New York and now residing in South Florida. What has been the major adjustment in the change of geographical locations?

BBM: Queens, New York. Born and raised! I wouldn’t change it for nada. I love it here in sunny South Florida. But the two are different.  My new environment made me have have to adjust in certain situations. The most important for me was presence. I trust my sound enough to do the talking for me. The toughest part was finding a way to bind the two and present it in a way that you just gotta love it. I found it the easiest by just being me. That Queens/Palm Beach hybrid Big Body dude. It’s worked great and the music always hit different when it comes from the real you. 

AF: You’re starting to gain some momentum in the music industry with your style and creativity. What was the major influence in getting into the music industry?

BBM: As a child I’ve always loved music and could never stop singing to myself. Wouldn’t matter where I’m at. Some of my influences who helped take it to another level are some the people who have been around me since I was young. My big cuz Meduchi, a talented artist himself who recorded my first ever song “On My Way To The Top”. My Day one Kevin-Nova who showed me access to home studios, beats, etc. all before I even knew I wanted to rap for real. Lastly, My brother Dizzle, for just always being there and ready to support whatever it was I was ready to take on. These three people are major to me and helped me get where I am today as an artist.

AF: You also own the record label that produces your music. Why was it so important to have a direct hand in ownership?

BBM: LGMG, that’s everything to me. Ownership is important these days. You never truly know who you’re dealing within business, so why not take it into my own hands with my brother right beside me. I love to network and collaborations, but LGMG, that’s me. So, when it comes to the creative process, it reflects the same way. You’ll get the real Big Body. Not who the labels want to see. 

AF: If you have the opportunity for a collaboration with an artist and producer at the same time, who would you want at the studio session? Why?

BBM: This is tough, but I’m not even going to sugarcoat it. Give me Metro Boomin, Drake and watch me work. As for why? Who doesn’t love Drake? Great business move in my eyes. As for Metro, I love his sound and versatility. I like that for Drake & Body. That’s vibes. 

AF: You’re now working on your debut album, “Worth The Weight”. Can you give us some insight about your first album release?

BBM: “Worth The Weight” is gonna be exactly how it sounds. Worth the wait. I’ve been working countless hours on this project making sure the product is nothing short of the best it can be. One word. PRODUCTION. I’ve linked with some talented producers and made some records I know the people will love. I can’t WEIGHT!

AF: What’s next for you career and how can people find you for business opportunities?

BBM: Next up in my career is major traveling. I want to make a connection in every state and city if I can. I want to tap in with some Afro-beat artists around the world and make more great music with some of the greats. One thing that’s always next up for me is great music. Until then I’ll be in the studio working my tail off to make these dreams a reality.

You can follow Big Body Mayo on Instagram @BigBodyMayo

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