Ethan Zohn is the epitome of motivation and triumph. The now motivation speaker is a two-time cancer survivor. Known for his courages efforts as a contestant in the Survivor series (Survivor Africa – winner), Ethan also has a heart of gold. With a commitment to help others, he launched Grassroot Soccer. This organization uses soccer to raise money and awareness to help fight the spread of HIV/AIDS. His never say never mentality is one the main reasons why he’s able to accomplish and negotiate any oncoming obstacle. 

The accomplished motivating speakers interviewed with Industry Rules to discuss his life, career and upcoming projects:

AF: How have you been under the COVID-19 pandemic?

EZ: I wrote a great Isolation Survival Guide to help anyone that might have to isolate with COVID.

AF: You’ve competed as a contestant on shows like Survivor, Fear Factor and The Amazing Race. Can you take me through the process of getting prepared both mentally and physically for those demanding challenges?

EZ: These competition reality shows challenge every part of you as a human being – mental, physical, social, spiritual, environmental and even financial. So, I took a holistic approach to my preparation. I worked out in the gym focusing on strength, endurance, balance, swimming, and hand strength. I read personality and body language books, practiced knots, puzzles, word scrambles and brain teasers. I changed my diet and reduced calories/proteins while exercising at a high level. I cut out caffeine, sugar and cannabis L. I Learned to build fire, shelter and slept outside for a while.

AF: As a motivating speaker, what are some key points you like to address during your speeches. 

EZ: With many of these challenges I have faced, I find myself immersed in a new and unknown set of circumstances where I’m forced to grow in response to these new challenges. These challenges aren’t supposed to beat us down, but rather the opposite, to EMPOWER us to rise up even further and make a difference as individuals and as a community. It’s a chance to change the narrative.

I share my stories of crisis and how I have turned those challenges into opportunities. From losing my father to cancer when I was 14, to playing pro soccer in the epicenter of the AIDS pandemic, to winning a million bucks on a reality show, to surviving my own battle with cancer and ISOLATION…twice. I discuss my tips to survive any situation, be a selfless person in a selfish game, be a leader, be a teacher, be a failure and be a member of the community.

AF: Post cancer free, what daily routine do you use to keep in shape? 

EZ: My wife and I moved from NYC to the middle of the woods of New Hampshire. I chop and stack A LOT of wood, canoe, kayak, fish, trail run, jog, hike and play a lot of soccer. Post cancer, my mental health struggled and I have a hard time dealing with the anxiety or relapse. Today, I use CBD and medical cannabis to help mitigate these issues, so I partnered with Trulieve Cannabis as the brand ambassador for Momenta, their in house wellness brand to run the Boston Marathon last April! 

AF: Your life has been a living testament of triumph. What advice would you give to someone who’s going through adversity and hardship?

EZ: The first step to any change that you can’t control is acceptance. Denial only delays the process of acceptance, which will allow us to reimagine ourselves in this new reality. So, every challenge has a beginning, middle and end. Right now, work toward establishing your own balance, productivity, and wellness under sustained disaster conditions. On the other side of this journey of acceptance are hope and resilience.

AF: What’s next for your career?

EZ: I’m so happy you asked! Are you sick and tired of soggy cereal? Well, I invented The Crunch Bowl, a revolutionary new way to munch with more crunch and keep your cereal safe from flimsy flakes! It will change your life!

Follow Ethan Zohn on Instagram (@ethanzohn).

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