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Kian Barazandeh

Kian Barazandeh (Born February 26 1998) is an Iranian-Emirati Super-Model, Actor & Multi-tasking genius who first started his career in Tehran, gaining fame as a 16 years old boy, he became an star in so many fields.

He sat down with Industry Rules to discuss his career and future projects.

AF: How have you been under the country’s COVID-19 pandemic? 

KB: Our country did not ignore the threat entirely. Although stores and restaurants remained open, many Emirati’s in Dubai stayed home, at rates similar to our MiddleEastern neighbors, surveys and mobile phone data suggest. And, the government did take some strict measures in late March 2020, including bans on gatherings of more than 50 people and on nursing home visits. Meanwhile, I was just singed a contract with Elite models UK Branch. That was let’s say a pretty good opportunity for my modeling career at that time. 

AF: Can you list some highlights of your career? 

KB: In just two years, I achieved being named IMTA’s Model of the Year, sustaining my momentum to win myself some of the biggest modeling partnerships in the world. 

In May of 2022, right after the pandemic, I received news of the biggest Agency partnership of my life: “Independent Management” Milan, Itay. The world’s biggest Fashion Modeling Agency Based in Milan named Me as their newest face, making their final decision after weeding through tens of thousands of candidates. Selecting me to be the new face for their dynamic and charismatic male models division. I knew that this worldwide opportunity was perfectly qualified to represent my name and brand in the forthcoming media. 

After 7 years of work and dedication, I received the titles such as GQ Men of the Year and awards for most sexiest male model in 2018 & 2020. I also recieved UAE’s most handsome men alive 2021 and TIME100: The Most Influential People of 2022. 

AF: What morning routine do you use to keep in shape?  

KB: 1. Get enough sleep. I usually sleep 6 to 8 hours. it’s essential for you to get the most of your rest. 

2. Get up early. This might not be for everyone, but I found that people who get up earlier accomplish more. They tend to spend more time on things that matters the most to them – side business, health, fitness or family. 

3. Meditate or breathing exercise. I do both. Actually, if you’re meditating, you’re doing breathing exercise. But when I found it hard to calm my mind, I will ignore the fact that I MUST meditate. Instead, I focus on my breathing for a few minutes. 

4. Exercise properly in the gym. Again, obvious answer. Many found it better to exercise in the gym to make their day more productive, but it’s again – up to you. Normally, I rather do weight training 45 minutes per day on a daily basis and push my limits to the maximum potential. 

5. Read. How the hell reading make you fit? No, it doesn’t make your body fit, but your mind. And often, people have less resistance to read in the morning than any time after that. It also can affect your life positively and change your mindset and way of living if you’re following good sources. 

AF: What advice would you give to someone who’s looking to get into the industry? 

KB: Simply my advice to beginner models does fit in 6 steps: 

1. Discover your modeling market. 

2. Research different types of modeling. 

3. Design a knock-out portfolio. 

4. Consider classes to improve your skills. 

5. Approach modeling agencies with the right attitude. 

6. Be prepared for model life.

AF: What’s next for your career? 

KB: As you may already know, I’m working in capital fashion of the world Milan, Italy. So the next for me in my situation will be working with the most known top-tier brands in the world and being in the spotlight for couple of years as I’m just a young boy with the biggest dreams.

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