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Porter + Craig Films & Media Distribution

Porter + Craig Film and Media Distribution is a film and television sales company that specializes in the financing, production, anddistribution of commercial feature films. Though based in Beverly Hills, California, it has extensive and deep industry connections in Washington, DC, New York, and Atlanta. The company operates and represents worldwide sales for its own and third-party films with an annual slate of 50 to 100 films. 

It’s one of the newest and most vibrant independent film and television partnership ventures between two youthful, energetic, and highly experienced industry veterans. Porter + Craig Film and Media Distribution’s objective is ambitious—taking film development anddistribution to the next level worldwide. At the same time, the company’s catalog and founders are the blueprint for further expansion with no boundaries. 

Since Jeff Porter founded then-Porter Pictures in 2012, now-Porter + Craig Film and Media Distribution has become one of the successful Black-owned companies in the film and television industry. The company’s track record under his stewardship is an all-star roll call with Angela Bassett, Courtney Vance, Jon Favreau, Joseph Fiennes, Mark Wahlberg, and many more. Porter has more than fifteen years of experience in the business, having worked on the sales of about 100 film and television projects. In addition, he’s an in-demand speaker because of his expertise at film festivals and LA writers’ organizations. 

Jeff Porter’s partner, Sergeant Major Keith Craig is a thirty-year army veteran, international best-selling author, and award-winning executive at Walt Disney. At Walt Disney, Craig managed the company’s Central Division theatrical sales and distribution, and helped to oversee the distribution strategy of Marvel, Lucas, and Pixar blockbusters. Craig’s work contributed to Disney setting a domestic record of three billion. Notably, Craig booked the Oscar-winning movie, COCO, in addition to Black Panther, which won three of seven Academy Awards. With both Porter and Craig’s impeccable track record, film and television taste, it’s no wonder that their company has already secured an impressive catalog, ranging from coming-of-age film, “Iris,” to slice-of-life feminist film, “The Vagabonds.” 

For anyone interested in experiencing the magic of Porter + Craig Film and Media Distribution company, “Single Not Searching,” is a romantic drama featuring four friends experiencing all the pains and gains of love as they travel from Atlanta, Georgia to Ghana. Supporting the company is supporting an independent company that’s not only producing top-not content, but is also making Hollywood more inclusive. Do the right thing today. 

For more about the organization, you can visit the website at www.PCFilmAndMedia.com.

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