Summer Energy Academy

Summer Energy Academy (SEA) is a New York City-based STEM program that introduces young people to career possibilities in the science, technology, and engineering fields through academic and hands-on learning and problem-solving. With an in-depth curriculum ranging from field trips to a research project to labs, presentations, and class assignments, SEP is tackling the global energy crisis with our young minds, the future scientists of the world.

At its core, SEA is based on innovation, education, and dedication. It’s so far fostered 12 years of learning, 314 students taught, and 70 mentors—all working towards further STEM education and opportunities. Concepts that are taught and explored include: environmental conservation, or how to reduce energy consumption by reducing waste; environmental sustainability, or how to live with the environment mindfully; environmental technology, or how to use technology to help rather than hurt the environment; and environmental solutions, where students learn how to develop solutions that cause changes within society.

SEA is a product of the American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE) to provide supplementary STEM programs that go hand-in-hand with the rest of the curriculum. AABE is a national association with 43 active chapters throughout the US. It’s dedicated to helping African-Americans and other minorities be part of the research, development, and policy-making related to the science, technology, and engineering fields.

SEA’s supplementary help includes virtual tutoring, which provides students with the opportunity to benefit from personalized and small group learning programs. The ultimate aim is to maximize the possibilities of students getting ahead of their peers in math and science. As part of that overall effort to boost the scientists and engineers of tomorrow, SEA also offers introduction to coding classes and SAT exam prep.

For families and educators who want their students to invest in themselves this summer, SEA is the ultimate platform. With STEM professionals as mentors, students will be able to form relationships in the key, high-growth industries that are and will continue to be in-demand. SEP is the key to helping our youth imagine themselves in competitive positions and then taking action to get there. It’s good for our youth, our society, and our planet.

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