Paulo Coelho wrote so beautifully in The Alchemist “When you want something all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” Some might hear these words and find them to be sweet nothings, pretty words of encouragement to put on a wall or to write

Lisa Migliorini is a 28 year-old runner from Italy (close to Milan). Running and being fashionable is her passion. Her daily routine consist of running, running and more running. It all started as a childhood hobby where she would often run. It soon became a

Behind every great woman is a long list of challenges she had to overcome. In front of her is a sublime vision pulling her to eminence; just ask Dr. Roya Hassad. The fabulous doctor is the medical director and founder of the Hope, Life and

Lynn K. Hobson is a woman of many talents. From becoming a university professor to being a sought-after publicist, she has perfected all aspects of being a business professional. The Washington, DC native has worked with the legendary Mike Tyson, The Diplomats, Lil Mo, Essence

Brandon Murphy has always dreamed and inspired to become a fashion designer. He now is living his dreams and making his fashion creativity a reality. I was able to know more about this stylish designer who is making an impact in the fashion world.  EB: How have

Rickssen Opont is an athlete who is highly driven and focused in following his dreams and loves to inspire others while doing it. Competing in the Olympics is one of those dreams that is almost coming true.  Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Rickssen moved to New

Maria Grey is a beautiful model from Toronto, Ontario. She’s also a top social media influencer for over three years. Her beauty and passion comes out with every breathtaking photo she takes.  With over 400,000 followers and counting, the lovely Canadian sat down with Industry

If you been to Miami recently, then you probably seen model, fashion blogger and stylist Viktoria Myr taking fashionable photos throughout the city.  The fashion influencer is continuing to help others with her style coaching. Every photo that she post on her social media channels